Identity: The Key to Great Outreach

What do you stand for? Why do you do what you do? People often hire us to deliver communications results, but our work goes deeper. We call it identity work. First we figure out what you stand for, and then we help you embrace it in ways that inform your business and your brand. This, in turn, leads to better friendraising & fundraising. Ours is an authentic approach that sets you apart.


The modern agency must offer many services to save you time and money while delivering a coherent strategy.

“GreatBig.org gets organizations from where they are to where they need to be. They get to know board and staff through observation, collaboration, focused interviews and review of data. This enables them to partner and generate strategies that advance the organization culturally, operationally, and strategically.”
—Katrina Hoffman, CEO, Prince William Sound Science Center


Our clients care about the greater good

The Intel and Nike Foundations. Environmental nonprofits and universities. Governments and public media. Green builders and family services organizations. Backbone organizations and coalitions. We're graced with clients who see a bigger and more humane world.

"GreatBig.org has an unstoppable commitment to change-oriented work and the imperative to get it out there. They took the ingredients we had and mixed/served them up in a way that gets uptake. They provide strategic access, and deliver the right pitch to the right place."
- Joe Whitworth, CEO, The Freshwater Trust



The best medium

Beautiful film no longer has to be expensive. And it's your best tool for sharing your story. Here's just a sample of our work with our design partners. Our services range from documentary to voiceover to interviews and speech coaching (TED).


Narrative: The backbone of brand

All organizations need to tell a deeper story in the name of friendraising and fundraising. We're award-wining writers who deliver cohesive, powerful narratives that encapsulate your brand. Our narratives span a variety of formats: annual reports, traditional stories, op-eds, books, branding, websites, earned media and more. We built our reputation on writing, and it's still at the heart of what we do for you.

Annual Reports

Ecotrust Annual Report 2010

EcoDistricts Annual Report 2011

EcoDistricts Annual Report 2012

PWSSC Annual Report 2013

Writing / Editing / Op-Eds / Earned Media

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